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Decorative tiles have always responded to the current fashions and as such tile styles have been subject to much change over the centuries. Tiles have seldom established design trends but have rather followed in the wake of popular movements, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries. The earliest influences were French, and in the Norman style, closely followed by the Gothic period when many abbeys, monatseries and palaces were constructed. The arrival of Chinese porcelain at the beginning of the 17th century heralded the era of the delft tile, made in imitation of the Chinese blue and white. This in turn gave way in the early 1800s to the Gothic Revival, then the Aesthetic movement (1860s), Arts and Crafts (1870s to 1910s), Art Nouveau (1900 to 1920) and Art Deco (1920s and '30s), and ultimately Modernism. Tiles in fact provide a microcosm of the styles that have influenced designers and artists over the centuries.