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Art Deco was a design movement of the 1920s and 30s which featured strongly angular and vivid designs. In the UK it was often less bold than in the rest of Europe, and with more naturalistic designs such as stylized deer, galleons etc.

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/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0789.jpg ObjectH & R Johnson, digonal sailing vessel design
H & R Johnson tubelined dust-pressed tile with a design of a small sailing vessel set diagonally, tubelined in brown with polychrome coloured glazes, 4" square, 1924
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0651.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, Art Deco geometric pattern tile
Maw and Co tubelined dust-pressed tile, geometric Art Deco design, 4" square, c1925-35.
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0877.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, stylised bird design
Maw and Co tubelined dust pressed tile with a stylised bird design, black tublining, polychrome glazes, 4" square, c1935
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0876.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, stylised fish design
Maw and Co screen printed dust pressed tle with a stylised fish swimming through water design, green on blue, 4" square, c1935
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