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The near east was a rich developmental area in art forms and ideas during the 12th to 19th centuries and many of the motifs of the area were used in ceramics in the UK and Europe. Many of the decorative techniques that shaped tile manufacture were first developed in the near east so it was logical that their designs should also be used.

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/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0874.jpg ObjectCraven Dunnill and Co, traditional Spanish cuenca Renaissance design of two cornucopias and conventionalised flowers
Craven Dunnill and Co majolica glazed relief moulded dust pressed tile with a traditional Spanish renaissance inspired design of two cornucopias with stylized flowers and ribbons in cuenca style, polychrome glazes, 6" square, c1885
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0709.jpg ObjectMonterau et Fils, Persian style floral design
Montereau et Fils, Cuerda Seca dust-pressed tile, Persian style design of flowers within a cartouche, polychrome heaped glazes, 6" square c1875, in wooden frame
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