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Marsden Tile Co., Hanley, Staffordshire

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Marsden Tile Co was established by George Anthony Marsden in 1889 following his departure from Josiah Wedgwod Ltd. He specialised in producing stencilled slip tiles for which he held the patent. He also manufactured a wide range of transfer printed and relief moulded tiles. In 1909 the company was reformed into The New Marsden Tile Co Ltd and continued to produce tiles up to 1928 when it amalgamated with Malkin Tiles Ltd.

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/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0867.jpg ObjectMarsden Tiles, conventionalised flower in scrolled panel design
Marsden Tiles Ltd (?) relief moulded dust pressed tile with a neo-classical formalised flower within a scrolled border with acanthus leaves, two shades of brown glaze, 6" square, c1900
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