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Packard & Ord, Marlborough, Wiltshire

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Sylvia Packard and Roslind Ord were teachers at the Royal School for the Daughters of Officers at Bath, in the late 1920s. They created a tile mural for the school which was installed in 1931 and led to a number of commissions for hand painted tiles. In 1936 the business had increased to such an extent that they were able to buy their own kiln and set the business on a formal footing. They also moved to Marlborough, Wiltshire and employed Thea Bridges as their first assistant. After World War II Sylvia Packard retired and the business was continued by Rosalind Ord in partnership with her neighbour, Hugh Robb. The company grew rapidly producing a wide range of hand painted tiles. In the 1960s they introduced silk screen printing and became a major tile manufacturer trading to the present day as Marlborough Tiles Ltd.