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Richards Tiles Ltd., Longport & Tunstall, Staffordshire

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The Henry Richards Tile Co came into existence in 1903 when W & E Corn changed their trading name and rapidly became a major manufacturer of Art Nouveau tiles. The business continued to flourish during the 1920s and 1930s making a wide range of wall, floor and fireplace tiles. The business continued after World War II and acquired T & R Boote Ltd in 1963. Eventually the business amalgamated with H & R Johnson in 1968 to form H & R Johnson-Richards Tiles Ltd. The name finally disappeared in about 1972.

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/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0869.jpg ObjectRichards Tiles Ltd, mottled double ogee shaped interlocking design
Richards Tiles Ltd dust pressed tile of double ogee shape, designed to interlock with similar tiles, plain mottled brown glaze, overall size approx 5" x 5", 1958
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