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This page of the Tessellations website will provide an introduction to 1925-1950.

Towards the bottom of this page, you will find 'Related Museum Objects'. These are images and information about those objects in the National Tile Database. More will be added as the site is developed.

Each object is represented by a one thumbnail image but other views including close-ups may be available. If you click on the thumbnail image, a new page will open with a larger image and, where available, more thumbnails showing other views plus additional information about the object. You can look at larger images of any of these thumbnails.

To the left of this text you may find a column with links to related pages and, below that, you may find a timeline that relates to the subject of the page or the date to which it relates.

You may wish to 'collect' images or information as you explore Tessellations by clicking on 'Add to Discovery Folder'. At the end of your visit you can view what you have collected by clicking on 'Your Discovery Folder' and may choose to print the images and information that you have collected. Alternatively, you can send yourself or someone else an e-mail containing the trail of pages and images that you have visited by clicking on 'Your Discovery Trail'.

Related Objects

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/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0675.jpg ObjectDe Porcelayne Fles, Delft, Holland for A Bell and Co, Galleon design
De Porcelayne Fles, Delft, Holland for A Bell and Co, relief moulded plastic clay tile, a galleon in full sail design, polychrome glazed, 4" square, c1925-30
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0752.jpg ObjectMalkin Tiles Ltd, mottled design
Malkin Tiles Ltd mottled glazed dust-pressed fireplace tile, polychrome, 4" square, c1950
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0688.jpg ObjectMaw and Co Windmill design
Maw and Co hand-painted dust-pressed tile with Windmill in polychrome, 4" square, c1925- 30
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0651.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, Art Deco geometric pattern tile
Maw and Co tubelined dust-pressed tile, geometric Art Deco design, 4" square, c1925-35.
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0903.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, Art Nouveau stylised floral design
Maw and Co relief moulded dust pressed tile with an Art Nouveau stylised flower design, polychrome glazed, 6" square, c1925
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0648.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, Kingfisher design
Maw and Co hand painted and tube-lined dust-pressed tile, kingfisher on black ground. 8" x 4", c 1930.
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0877.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, stylised bird design
Maw and Co tubelined dust pressed tile with a stylised bird design, black tublining, polychrome glazes, 4" square, c1935
/assets/userfiles/thumbnail/ig0876.jpg ObjectMaw and Co, stylised fish design
Maw and Co screen printed dust pressed tle with a stylised fish swimming through water design, green on blue, 4" square, c1935
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